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Code: Placebo - First post activate!

Hi there you absolutely curious blog reader fully determined to stare at this screen and read this post right till the end. Welcome! Welcome!

This series is going to be development updates for one of the weirdest game concepts my poopoo brain has come up with and decided to develop it for Game Design Module at my University. The concept along with this blog post arrived late to the documentation party because it took me some time to think of a cool name for the project. That's right, no documentation until I can think of a cool name that of course sounds cool and sets the tone of the game.

Coming to the main course of this party. Code: Placebo is a 3D second person perspective detective game based in Cyberpunk London where you control a private detective bored with their normal corporate life, leading them to taking odd and cryptic cases to solve, for personal entertainment. The quirk of this game is that the whole game is experienced through the perspective of the detective’s sidekick who you can't fully control, but only see through them while have full control over detective's movement.

To elaborate, let's dive into the story. The detective(name and gender not yet decided) is a psychotic, has superiority and hero complex which makes it hard for them to maintain a good relationship with people. Ultimately they start imagining a sidekick, perceiving themselves from the sidekick's perspective, always admiring the self persona. The psychosis becomes so severe that they even create a fake arch enemy code named "Mr. Placebo" to challenge self, who's lead we follow most of the game, getting closer to the arch enemy through the series of cases we solve.

The narrative will have a rather funny tone as it starts, most of it delivered through interaction between the Detective and the Sidekick, also hiding the fact about fake sidekick and the arch enemy. As the game progresses, players are hinted towards Detectives symptoms and sidekicks existence and the ending being full reveal of the real facts and the shocker of Mr. Placebo being fake as well, which makes the players question their actions, pointing out their pointless end of the journey caused by own imagination yet the enjoyment gained through the journey itself.

And now, it's time for the game play section to strike. The game will be a balance between searching and analyzing clues, connecting the dots found from the case brief and investigating the crime scene. Different cases will lead us to solving light environmental puzzles, stealth and non lethal combat mixed with action scenes like chasing a target or escaping from a parameter. As for the control of the characters, players will have full control over the movement of the Detective including Jumping and crouching/sliding and only the camera control of the sidekick paired with one action button that players can use as the detective to command the sidekick to interact with objects or move to a certain location. Because of second person perspective quirk of the game all the preexisting mechanisms mentioned above can be modeled from a new perspective.

Next episode of Code: Placebo development blog will feature details about Screenplay for the Narrative of the game and very early prototype of core mechanics, which are already being cooked as you are about to finish reading this and go do your next important task.

Stay tuned for more content presented by this poopoo brain!

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